Planes Trains and Automobiles

Well, the train part will just be the shuttle at DIA, but close enough, I say.

I’m packed and ready to head out the door. Sipping on my last cup of inferno-like Napali milk tea and not quite sure how I feel about leaving.

Over the past several days we have had other volunteers back in the house and I am amazed at what a huge difference it makes to be around people who are dealing with the same situation and cultural differences.

Yesterday was a banner day – in the morning the four of us headed out for Pasupatinath, one of the Hindu temples in the area. I’ve been there before, but only at night and I was excited to see it during the day. They guys, Scott, Oliver and Dan (Dan had been in the city for less than 24 hours), trooped along with me excited to have a tour guide through some of Kathmandu. We hung out at the temple, had a coke and wandered the bazaar around the temple for an hour or so before hiking back to the main road for more shopping and lunch. They even put up with my dictator-like declaration that lunch would be held at my favorite restaurant in town where the waiters speak no english and every visit is an adventure…especially because two of the three had never eaten Indian food before 😉

After lunch we loaded into a cab and headed to the Kathmandu Durbar square. The cabbie had no idea where he was going and dropped us off several kilometers from our goal. We walked and shopped and took pictures for another hour or so before finally arriving. The square was beautiful and as we were sitting in a rooftop cafe, I got a phone call from my friends from Chitwan, asking us to a final dinner with them and some other folks they had met on the road.

We finished up at Durbar square, headed home and people took naps and recovered for a couple of hours before we headed out once more to met up with the other gang. At dinner we had: the four Mountain Fund volunteers, Eric (US) and Virginia (Argentina), Caro (Argentina) and Stef (Netherlands), Sophia (France), Vishnu (Napali), the adorable three-year old I almost stole for Malissa (French and Nepali), adorable kids mom (France), dad (Nepali) and their chatty cathy friend (obnoxiously French). It was hilarious to listen to the mix of languages be thrown across the table back and forth. People yelling in their native tongue if they wanted the attention of their other countrymen. The food took two hours to arrive, but everyone had a wonderful time sharing food and experiences and recommendations for travel and leisure and excitement.

We got back to the house not long before curfew and I finished packing up to leave. As a final souvenir, I also got a beast of a cold and am currently doped up on some kind of Nepali cold concoction to try to get me through the flight (please excuse me if this post seems a bit like it was authored by a street side drunk – that’s kind of what I’m feeling like)

I’m signing off now – likely the next time you’ll hear from me, I’ll be stateside and trying to figure out what this crazy month means in the larger scheme of things.

Hope all is well and I’ll actually be talking to some of you very soon!


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